We’re one of a kind!

When we say TONGUES, we mean language. You know... tongues... talking.

If you live in New Brunswick, (and chances are you do if you’re reading this), that means you’re unique.

That’s right, UNIQUE. As a province, NB is officially bilingual. Big deal? You bet! No one else in Canada is. And because you live here, that makes you unique, too.

So whether you choose to speak English... speak French... or a little or a lot of both... being a NBer makes you unique. In a good way. Pretty neat, huh?

So stick out your tongue (or tongues) and say: ‘Um pwad pa buh a Meh Pwenthweckah!’ Or keep them in your mouth and say: ‘I’m proud to be
a New Brunswicker!’

French is a dominate force in the world.

Whether you live in a galaxy far far away or closer to home here in NB, there are plenty of fantastic reasons to learn French. Click here to see a few.

English or French? Whatever your choice, remember you do have one and when it comes to provincial government services, it’s also your right. You have the right to be served in the official language of your choice by the courts, police, hospitals, and many other public organizations.

So go ahead. Speak English or speak French. The choice really is yours.