Tammy Palser

Proud to serve people in their language of choice

Tammy Palser is a lucky young woman… Shortly after earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she found a job. She is an executive assistant in the office of the Moncton city clerk. “I love my job,” she said, in French. She went on to say, “I would never have gotten this job if I weren't bilingual." 

Although she is an Anglophone, Tammy did all of her schooling in French, from Grade 1 until the end of university. She says that taking courses in French is not enough to master a second language. The key to success is speaking it regularly. “You have to practise and practise,” she said. What a happy coincidence. At work, Tammy often has the opportunity to work in French. “The French-speaking councillors and citizens like to talk with me in their language,” she explained.

Tammy is proud to be able to serve people in both official languages. “Moncton’s a bilingual city, so it’s important to speak both languages.”